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Even with smoothness to steer well: Tigar winter tyres

Smooth roads are a nightmare for many drivers. If then snow falls, many choose to leave the car behind. It can be good winter tyres guarantee a relatively high safety when driving behavior adapts to weather conditions. Tigar Winter tyres show even on snow and ice a compelling driveability.

Tigar Winter tyres, quality from Serbia

They are manufactured preisgünstigten Tigar Winter tyres in Serbia. The low price is only an argument that speaks for the brand. Tigar works with the Michelin together Group and therefore one of the most famous tyre manufacturer at his side. The expertise of Michelin also flows in the production of Tigar Winter tyres with. This can be seen in the practical test: Here Tigar bribe winter tyre especially through its low wear. They have a long life, so that motorists prolong the enjoyment of one set of tyres. They also keep fuel consumption low.

Winter tyres for many different car models

The biggest risks on winter roads are smoothness and snow. The profile of Tigar Winter tyre is tailored to these weather conditions. So a good grip is maintained, the contact between tyres and the road is not lost. Tigar Winter tyres are suitable for many different car models, some models can also SUVs are driven. The individual models are approved for different speed classes; the variety found both the owners of small city cars and the drivers of sports sedans the correct set of tyres.

Save without having to compromise on security: this desire to meet Tigar winter tyres. The tyres, manufactured in Europe, guarantee a sound quality.

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