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195 55 R16 - a winter tyre with good traction performance

The dimension 195 55 R16 as winter tyres has the property of stabilizing the traction behavior of the car models from the compact and middle class. A tyre that copes well with wet, dry and snow covered roads. Of course this has winter tyres not on dry terrain, the performance of a summer tyre. Its strength develops in colder temperatures.

A tyre of accents

Unlike a summer and all-season tyres are in the profile structure of the finished product 195 55 R16 winter tyres as many sipes, which provide the necessary support on snow covered roads. The tyres typically offer even in wet conditions a secure feeling. The larger tread depth affects water repellent, thus a lower risk of aquaplaning is. A tyre of the accents and shines because of its balance. Consumers will find a very wide selection. However, the price should not affect the purchase decision.

Some low-Pneus Show Performance

The wide range has its advantages and disadvantages. Firstly, customers have to be taken in a position an individual decision and on the other hand, a bad tyre model that endanger road safety. It is surprising that in a test conducted by the ADAC with a comparable tyre dimension not only premium manufacturer are to be found. So there were some tyres from the low range (Nokian WR D3, ESA-Tecar Super Grip 7+, Hawks Euro Winter HS449) that were rated good or satisfactory. However, the first three places went to renowned manufacturers. The winner Continental (ContiWinterContact TS850) showed no weaknesses. The winter tyres from Michelin (Alpin A4) and Goodyear (Ultra Grip 8) proved to be balanced.

The Makes 195 55 R16 as winter tyres show not only in the field of handling and grip a good performance. Also wear, rolling resistance and fuel consumption has been significantly improved compared to older models. occupy the last test results show that this tyre, drivers of compact and medium range has to offer.

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