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What to look for when you buy trailer tyres online

For some the question of which tyres to put on what trailer can be something of a challenge, especially if they buy trailer tyres online. This can be aggravated by the fact that trailers and caravan tyres are similar to car tyres, and enhanced for road performance. It’s a pattern generally related to modern radial tyres, which is ideal for larger road trailers.

A further and potentially confusing aspect related to tyres for trailers are the issues attached to the tyre sizes being described in varying terms on the sidewalls. Those of a small size or Crossply, have the tendency of being written in an Imperial designation, with the width first and the rim last. On occasions, the height is also seen as the first number followed by an "X." The larger trailer tyre sizes or Radials, generally give the later metric descriptions, but follow the trend by having the width first and the rim last! In many instances, the size specs will also detail the tyre Profile after the Width.

Combining the right tyres with the best trailer tyre prices

To ensure you gain the best available market price when you buy trailer tyres online, like any other product it’s always best to conduct some research and get some knowledge of the product beforehand. For instance, some sizes of trailer tyres will be shown and followed by a "C" (Commercial rating). This means that the tyre has the capacity of carrying a significantly heavier load than a car tyre of the same size! However, not all manufacturers display this information but will show a Ply Rating or a Speed Load Index. This will be without the “C” indication, showing the tyre is suitable for a trailer.

Most modern trailer tyres display a speed and load index, also shown as a service index on the sidewall. This is important information when comparing trailer tyre prices because it’s confirming the maximum safety-related speed of the tyre. It’s shown as a letter, with “A1” very slow up to a very fast “Y” and more!

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