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Minerva Ecowinter SUV - an economic and qualitative tyres for winter

Even heavy snow and very cold temperatures add to the Minerva Ecowinter SUV not a problem. No wonder this features winter tyres for SUVs but by numerous good running characteristics, which can give good performance at all times.

High flexibility and reliable performance

The Minerva Ecowinter SUV is due to the additional identification XL suitable for vehicles which require a higher load capacity. Thus, it can winter tyres Minerva also be used in station wagons or vans. Moreover, it proves even at high speeds and very bad weather conditions, a high degree of adaptability and scores with its safe performance. This is mainly due to the directional tread profile of Minerva Ecowinter SUV, which is provided with many deep sipes. This snow, mud and water are discharged quickly and also the risk of aquaplaning need no longer be feared. In addition, the eco-friendly rubber compound which ensures a strong and reliable grip even on wet surfaces. In terms of economy of Minerva Ecowinter SUV also knows to convince: He impresses with its durability and its low fuel consumption even on difficult terrain.

Minerva - a tyre manufacturer with claim

That the tyre manufacturer Minerva attaches great importance to quality and safety, makes itself felt again. All of the models made ​​by Minerva can come up with a good mileage and a safe performance even in bad weather and on uneven ground, so that the best conditions for a perfect driving pleasure are created.

By Minerva Ecowinter SUV gives a powerful tyre which safely and reliably accompanies a through the cold season. So impressed ours for SUVs with its high load capacity, the comprehensive safety and excellent comfort properties that does not subside even in bad weather.


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