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Minerva Ecowinter: Versatile winter tyres from Belgium

Convincing quality at reasonable prices - brand tyres Minerva can stand out with their excellent price-performance ratio. A native of Belgium Group has today made a name throughout Europe. By Minerva Ecowinter he presents a versatile winter tyre with excellent safety characteristics.

Winter tyres for cars, vans and SUVs

The Minerva Ecowinter is available not only as car tyres, but also as XL version for vans and panel vans, as well as a special version for SUVs and other off-road vehicles. Heavy car like vans make special demands on a winter tyres; also vehicles that travel outside the paved roads that require particularly stable tyre with durable treads. The specially coated rubber mixtures of Minerva Ecowinter provide this stability. They thus ensure that the winter tyres on all surfaces can provide a solid performance.

The Minerva Ecowinter: Dynamic driving fun in winter

The Minerva Ecowinter characterized by a laufrichtungsbebundenes profile. The slats are V-shaped arranged and very deep. Thus they ensure even on snowy roads safe grip. On ice of Minerva Ecowinter may also retain traction. The speed class H or V, ie 210 km/h or 240 km/h, depending on the tyre size. The Minerva Ecowinter can therefore be driven dynamically, even in winter. Even from higher speeds out what the tyres quickly to the brakes.

Especially versatile presents the Minerva Ecowinter. Its safe grip on wintry icy roads can convince. Motorists who for safe and reliable winter tyres looking, are exactly right with the models of the brand Minerva.


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