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Gislaved Euro Frost 2 - a sovereign companion during the cold season

The Gislaved Euro Frost 2 has grown even the harsh European winter. Even with snow and ice, he delivers a flawless performance and is also the test winners made ​​by Continental in nothing.

Excellent traction and lower fuel consumption

No wonder that the Gislaved Euro Frost 2 traded as high even in professional circles. Because this winter tyres Gislaved convinced with a flawless performance and is particularly on icy and slippery roads of its shiny side. This is reflected not only in an excellent traction, but also in a reliable cornering and braking. In addition, the Gislaved Euro Frost 2 scores with its high quality and innovative profile that ensures thanks to the sophisticated multi-disk array for a perfect cornering even at extreme winter conditions. In addition, the risk of aquaplaning is effectively reduced due to the numerous longitudinal grooves. The low rolling resistance does add his way that the comfort during each drive is significantly increased. At the same time the driver can benefit from the further improved fuel economy, so these tyres from Gislaved also in terms of economy knows how to convince.

Gislaved - a success exporting from Sweden

Scandinavians are accustomed to harsh winter has always been. No wonder that the resident tyre maker regarded as recognized experts in this field. This is evidenced by the high quality and high-performance models of Gislaved confirmed again and again that deliver anytime a fully convincing performance. This is due to the many good running properties and the innovative technologies, which is regularly confirmed in tests.

With the Gislaved Euro Frost 2 by the renowned Swedish tyre manufacturer once again presents a high quality tyre for the winter, the self can come under extreme winter conditions with a flawless performance. This is reflected among other things in an effective water drainage, high fuel efficiency and excellent traction.

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