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Nexen Winguard Sport Winter tyres for cars

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Nexen Winguard Sport, the professional for the winter

If a tyre already bears the word sport in its name, expect motorists a sporty-dynamic driving behavior. By Nexen Winguard Sport get a winter tyre for a spin allowed even in ice and snow. The tyres are of course provided with the mark M + S and thus approved for driving on snow, slush and freezing drizzle.

Good grip on ice and snow

The South Korean company Nexen has been present since 1942 on the market and sells its car tyres now worldwide. So come German motorists to enjoy, in wintry weather with Nexen Winguard Sport to be on the road. The tyre is characterized by an asymmetrical profile with deep sipes. These give the winter tyres on snowy and icy roads a particularly good grip. Even in curves of the grip is not lost. Nexen Winguard Sport therefore can be in any weather good keep it under control and long braking distances to motorists not also fear.

For cars, trucks and vans

For which vehicles the Nexen Winguard Sport is now? In principle, all types of passenger cars can be equipped with this winter tyre, whether family car or sports coupe. In addition, the Nexen Winguard Sport is available in an XL variant. These tyres have a higher load capacity and can therefore with trucks and vans are driven. In tests of cheap Nexen Winguard Sport from cuts well: Especially low rolling resistance can inspire. Due to the low resistance of the car comes easily forward and must consume less fuel for the drive.

Sporty and fuel-efficient, these are the good sides of it Nexen Winguard Sport. The winter tyres from South Korea can convince in cold weather conditions and snowy conditions.

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