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During winters, everything becomes more slippery. For car drivers, this may result in encountering ice or a similar slippery surface that makes us lose control of our vehicle and stop at a roadside.

To be safe and quiet when driving, sometimes the best investment is to use a recognized brand of winter tyres and Kenda winter tyres is a good example.

These winter tyres are designed for vehicles to develop a good balance of performance both on wet and snowy roads. Its unidirectional design introduces advanced safety responsible for the very high performance on slippery surfaces. These tyre are designed to last for longer period of time.

Kenda Winter tyres - also during the cold season safely go

The Taiwanese manufacturer Kenda Winter tyres are distinguished by numerous excellent running characteristics which allow the cold season a very good performance even at higher speeds. On Kenda can definitely find a suitable Kenda winter tyres.

Excellent grip and optimum water drainage

The tyre manufacturer Kenda is known for its quality winter tyres. No wonder, because thanks to the special profile of the Kenda winter tyre is made for an excellent grip even in wintry and cold conditions in each case. This is made possible by the deep V profile, which has numerous small, Z-shaped water channels, which can drain water optimally. This is complemented by a dual profile structure which makes possible a good performance even at higher speeds. From the quality of Kenda winter tyres may be made ​​to Kenda convince extensively themselves. Moreover, the models are, thanks to the excellent designs on a most attractive appearance.

Kenda - a Taiwanese success story

The company Kenda is now one of the world's most famous tyre manufacturers. Founded in 1962 in Taiwan, the Group has specialized in manufacturing high-quality tyres for cars, quads, scooters and motorcycles. In the production process, the company attaches great importance to quality, so that all the models are tested several times already during the manufacturing stage. Meanwhile, there are a good range of Kenda winter tyres. A popular model is, for example, the Kenda winter tyres POLARTRAX KR19, the on Kenda be found. We should also mention the consistent price-performance ratio, with each model boasts made by Kenda.

Who safe and comfortable even on icy roads would be traveling in the cold season, which meets with Kenda winter tyres absolutely the right choice. Equipped with a special profile structure, have also visually appealing models have a good grip on slippery surfaces, the multiple channels drain water optimally.

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