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275 40 R20 Car Winter tyres

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The tyre size 275 40 R20 as winter tyres: traction Strong tyres for middle and upper class

For vehicles of middle and upper class 275 40 R20 winter tyres are the ideal choice. On snow, ice and rain at the tyres guarantee precise handling, cornering stability and short braking distances.

Short braking distances and precise steering

At first glance falls on a 275 40 R20 winter tyres on the large running surface and the distinctive 20 inch rim. Visually convey the tyres by a powerful and sporty image, which automatically carries over to the vehicle. The driving is then also show the practical benefits of the tyre size. The wide tread of winter tyres will find a high rolling resistance, which ensures optimal traction. This results in short braking distances and a precise handling. In combination with the excellent cornering stability - due to the low cross-section - provide winter tyres of the dimension 275 40 R20 an absolutely safe driving pleasure.

Balanced handling characteristics on snowy and wet roads

In the area of 275 40 R20 winter tyres Convincing Hankook I CEPT EVO W310 by balanced handling, relaxed comfort and low fuel consumption. In EU tyre label both wet grip as well as the energy efficiency of Class C (AG) is specified. Solid values ​​specifically to find rare in winter tyres. On snow and ice, the special rubber compound that makes Hankook tyres noticeable that levels of silica includes. These are the salts of silicic acid, which provides on snowy asphalt for a much better grip. With the speed index V 275 40 R20 winter tyres Hankook for a top speed of 240 km/h designed.

Those who prefer a sporty driving style and requires maximum security, is well advised with the size 275 40 R20 as winter tyres. also convince as Pneu Series Hankook I CEPT EVO W310 ride comfort and energy efficiency.

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