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255 50 R19 Car Winter tyres

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The dimensions 255 50 R19 as winter tyres: Excellent traction in snow, rain and sunshine

Sporting performance in all weather conditions: 255 50 R19 winter tyres are designed for high speeds while offering excellent braking and steering characteristics. Their dimensions the tyres make for a striking appearance on vehicles of middle and upper class. Moreover, convinced tyre size by an excellent mileage.

Optimal conditions for a safe journey

In snowy and icy roads tyres quickly reach their limits. Therefore, an effective winter tyre profile and an optimized rubber compound are a must. But the dimension of a winter tyres intended drivability. Good conditions for short braking distances and precise handling has the size 255 50 R19 as winter tyres. The wide tread of tyres produces a high rolling resistance, which has a positive effect on traction. Especially on dry and wet asphalt and in light snowfall excellent results here. Optimum cornering stability on the other hand ensures the low cross-section of 255 50 R19 winter tyres. In addition, the large internal diameter of the tyres for improved smoothness makes.

Energy-efficient winter tyres of size 255 50 R19 Goodyear

Balanced driving characteristics and low fuel consumption make the tyres Series tyres Goodyear Ultra Grip 8 PERFORMANCE an excellent choice for the winter. The dimensions 255 50 R19 winter tyres as each case has a class C wet grip and energy efficiency. Excellent results, which are due in part to the special silica tread compound. There is also a reduced risk of aquaplaning thanks to wide circumferential grooves in the tread pattern, which derive water efficiently. The Goodyear Ultra Grip 8 PERFORMANCE winter tyres offer a good ride comfort and low road noise. Open to the tyres for speeds of up to 240 km/h.

255 50 R19 winter tyres make driving on wet and snowy roads is both safe and comfortable. Car tyres of this size are available starting at around 80 euros.

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