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245 70 R16 Car Winter tyres

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The dimensions 245 70 R16 winter tyres as: High driving comfort, precise handling and short braking distances

For vehicles of middle and upper class 245 70 R16 winter tyres are reliable and very comfortable choice. The wide tyres impress with their traction strength, the comfortable ride and excellent handling in any weather.

Safe driving in snow, rain and sunshine

245 70 R16 winter tyres have a wide tread and a large cross section. By the size of the tyres produce different benefits: Due to the tyre height offer winter tyres while driving a high degree of comfort. This makes, among other things by a pleasant smoothness and noticeable by softly rolling noise. Handling, traction and braking performance, however, are of the tyre width of the car tyre depends on which with 245 millimeters creates ideal conditions for an excellent performance. The reason for this is that the rolling resistance increases with the tread width, thus improving the grip.

Low risk of aquaplaning thanks deep longitudinal grooves

The tyre series Hankook I CEPT EVO W310 than 245 70 R16 winter tyres presents itself extremely fuel efficient and run strong. Use of the asymmetrical tread pattern is the vehicle weight distributed so that the wear of the tyres remains small. Several transverse grooves also form tread blocks that provide on snowy roads and on ice for sufficient grip. The deep longitudinal grooves and outer disks improve the profile, however, the ride in the rain, by water and mud is derived under the tyre effectively. This increases the traction and the risk of aquaplaning is minimized. The 245 70 R16 winter tyres Hankook have the speed index T and are thus suitable for speeds of up to 190 km/h.

Motorists who put the emphasis on comfort and safety for the tyres are well advised with the tyre size 245 70 R16 as winter tyres. A recommended tyre series this size: Hankook I CEPT EVO W310.

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