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245 50 R18 Car Winter tyres

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245 50 R18 winter tyres: Maximum driving safety for compact and small cars

With the tyre size 245 50 R18 winter tyres as both good driveability on snow and ice is ensured as well as rain and drought. In addition, the tyres provide an attractive level of comfort and feature a sporty look. Suitable are winter tyres for compact and midsize cars.

Good traction in snow, rain and sunshine

In the dimension of a tyre always compromises must be made with regard to the properties. With the 245 50 R18 winter tyres presents a tyre size that impresses with excellent handling characteristics in any weather. For this, especially the tyre width is responsible, which determines the dimension of the tread. The following applies: The higher the tread, the more traction, the vehicle on wet and dry asphalt. The reason for this is the high rolling resistance of the tyres. However, at the same time deteriorates the grip in snow as the tyre is no longer deep enough to sink and the profile thus can not access. With a tyre width of 245 millimeters winter tyres take the size 245 50 R18 happy medium.

Continental winter tyres for high speeds

Recommended in the range of 245 50 R18 winter tyres is among others the series Continental ContiWinterContact T 790 V . Already in the magazine "Auto Bild" (issue 10/2013) the tyres have been chosen as "Best tyre Brand 2013 '. The high-performance tyres have registered with CLS-lamellae, which is specially designed for high speeds. Designed are car tyres for a top speed of 240 km/h. In addition to the superb handling, the tyre series also impresses with excellent driving comfort and low road noise (EU tyre Label: 72 decibels). Priced the premium tyres are in the upper middle.

245 50 R18 winter tyres are high-traction drive tyre for compact and middle class. They offer balanced driving characteristics and can also convince as Continental ContiWinterContact T 790 V through a responsive ride.

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