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245 45 R19 Car Winter tyres

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245 45 R19 winter tyres: Sporty tyres for compact and medium range

The tyre size 245 45 R19 as winter tyres is characterized by excellent driving characteristics and a sporty look. Short braking distances and accurate steering characteristics are given both on snowy roads and on wet and dry asphalt.

Short braking distances and excellent handling in any weather

At first glance bribe 245 45 R19 winter tyres through the sporty and powerful design, which automatically carries over to the respective vehicle. Especially in compact and midsize cars like the Audi S4, the Mercedes C-Class or the Mazda MX-5 which act winter tyres visually most impressive. When it comes to handling the wide tyres to score first with a strong grip. This has a positive effect on the braking performance, handling and traction of cars. Convince Even when cornering the 245 45 R19 winter tyres, which is mainly due to the low profile of the tyres. The inside diameter of 19 inches, also ensures smooth running.

Premium winter tyre Nokian

In the magazine Auto Bild 10/2012 from the tyre series received Nokian WR A3 in the dimension 225/45 R17 test rating "recommended". Also known as 245 45 R19 winter tyres convince quality tyres by an excellent performance on snow, ice and wet asphalt and low fuel consumption. In EU tyre label the energy efficiency and wet grip are each marked with the C class. The external rolling noise the tyres come to an acceptable level of 72 decibels. Thanks to efficient Tread who Nokian also a low risk of aquaplaning and are particularly strong and. With the speed index V, the 245 45 R19 winter tyres Nokian for speeds of up to 240 km/h designed.

Heavy snow, heavy rain or sunny December day, the winter tyres of the size 245 45 R19 provide consistently good performance. In addition, the distinctive wide tyres inspire with a powerful and sporty look.

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