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245 45 R17 Car Winter tyres

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Mid-dimension 245 45 R17 winter tyres segment

In the Make 245 45 R17 as winter tyres is a tyre model which is basically for vehicles coming from the upper middle class (BMW 5 Series E60, Mercedes E320, etc.) is used. Despite the large width, provides this Pneu not only for urban areas. Also on rural terrain shows this car tyres performed well.

satisfy one aspect of the customer

Contrary to many assumptions, the dimension 245 45 R17 comes as winter tyres with snow-covered slopes along well. Wide tyre experience in recent years is a positive development. As numerous reviews and experience of consumers show the Pneus prove reliable in wintry road conditions. Depending on the manufacturer and model allow winter tyres speeds of up to 270 km/h. It is noteworthy that in this tyre size, the power density of different tyres is very high. One aspect of customer satisfy with security.

Winter tyres without significant weaknesses

Many tyre models show safety margins in the range of aquaplaning, braking and steering behavior, which consumers find a good product for a quality vehicle. In the winter tyre tests a comparable dimension to 50 percent of all tested tyres (sports car) may prove highly recommended. No single model shows significant weaknesses in one of the test subjects. The best features is the tyre from Continental (WinterContact TS 810 P) who can convince in all conditions. A similar result achieve the Dunlop (SP Winter Sport 3D), Pirelli (W240 Sottozero) and Goodyear (Ultra Grip 8 Performance). The differences are sometimes subtle, thus resulting in the opportunity for consumers, to involve the difference in price of the models in the purchase decision.

Most tyres in the size 245 45 R17 as winter tyres meet all safety criteria. Also, at higher speeds, the stability of the car is ensured. The use in mountainous and urban areas is not a problem for this winter tyres.

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