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245 40 R18 Car Winter tyres

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245 40 R18 winter tyres - sporty wide tyres for the cold season

245 40 R18 winter tyres are wide tyres for vehicles of the middle and upper class. They are characterized by a superior traction, short braking distances and precise handling. With an inside diameter of 18 inches are car tyres also suitable for striking 18er wheels.

Optimal performance on snow and ice

In recent years, the tyre technology has improved so much that winter tyres with wider tread in snow and heavy rain received excellent braking and steering characteristics. The notice also wide tyres lovers, why demand has risen rapidly. By striking Längsillen and tread blocks in the tread pattern and innovative rubber compounds offer modern wide tyres optimum performance in all weather conditions. At the same time the typical advantages exist as traction strength or precision driving on asphalt. 245 40 R18 winter tyres are now available from all major manufacturers. Whether Continental, Michelin or Bridgestone: the selection is extensive.

The Nokian WR A3 winter tyre with balanced driving characteristics and low fuel consumption

One of the most balanced winter tyres in the dimension 245 40 R18 is the Nokian WR A3 . The radial tyre for passenger cars makes in snow, rain and on dry roads for a safe and smooth ride. Its asymmetrical tread pattern features a continuous center rib which ensures smooth running. Width outer disk and a plurality of longitudinal grooves improve the braking performance and reduce the risk of aquaplaning. In EU tyre label is that reflected in a class-C marking in wet grip again. Also, the fuel consumption of the winter tyre Nokian is convincing. Declared this is also the class C. When the price quality tyres is in the middle price segment.

Short braking distances and precision handling on snowy road - with the dimension 245 40 R18 guaranteed as winter tyres. For sporty and luxury class cars is an excellent choice, the very good cuts and the fuel consumption.

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