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235 70 R16 winter tyres - sports Winterpneus

Wide tyres are becoming increasingly popular. Especially vehicles of the middle class, the wide tyres are intended to provide a sporty look. This also applies to winter tyres. 235 70 R16 winter tyres have a particularly good balance between tyre width and diameter, so that the riding comfort is not left behind.

Dynamic wide tyres for the winter

235 70 R16 winter tyres are equally particularly wide as particularly high, showing the relationship between the tyre width - 235 mm - and the tyre height. In these tyres, the height is 70 percent of the tyre width. A safe road get the winter tyres through their balanced diameter of 16 inches, converted 40.46 cm. The desire for a dynamic look can with aluminum wheels are met in the appropriate size. Safety in winter conditions, comfort and appearance then enter into a successful combination.

Winter tyres for cars and SUVs

Which vehicles now fit 235 70 R16 winter tyres? The large and wide dimension can not only cars of the middle class look sporty, but is also suitable for SUVs. For vans and SUVs may be driven off-road, even in winter, the snow and ice-grade tyres with M + S marking are indispensable. Drivers off the beaten piste enjoy traveling, have the choice of tyres from all different price points. A good performance promise as the off-road winter tyres from Bridgestone Blizzak series that will satisfy many tests.

Whether cheap car tyres or brand tyres: For a large number of vehicles to find the right 235 70 R16 winter tyres. Comfortable and with a firm grip make these tyres to winter traffic safer.

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