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235 60 R18 Car Winter tyres

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235 60 R18 winter tyres: An excellent tyre for compact and medium range

The tyre size 235 60 R18 as winter tyres is characterized by a wide tread and striking 18-inch wheels. Optical ensures that for a sporty appearance and also for driving in snow, rain and sunshine provide excellent conditions Dimensions.

High traction and short braking distances

Those looking for car tyres looking for the cold season and an excellent driving performance expected in any weather, is well advised with 235 60 R18 winter tyres. Their wide tread producing ie Pneus high rolling resistance, which in turn has a positive effect on the grip. improve with increasing traction is traction, handling and braking of a vehicle, whereby a maximum guarantee of safety. By tyre height of 141 mm (235 mm * 0.6) also offer winter tyres a superb ride comfort. Also guarantee 235 60 R18 winter tyres a sporty exterior that comes to vehicles in the compact and mid-range to best advantage.

Maximum driving safety in rain and snow

The tyres Hankook I CEPT EVO W310 in size 235 60 R18 provide a very good wet adhesion, acceptable energy efficiency and a high level of driving comfort. With their asymmetric tread pattern with deep circumferential grooves and wide outer disk, the tyres are specially designed for light snow and wet asphalt. Water and slush under the tyre is effectively dissipated, thereby improving traction and reducing the risk of aquaplaning. The 235 60 R18 winter tyres Hankook also feature a special tread pattern with silica (salt of silicic acid). Silica ensures that the rubber compound of winter tyres remains flexible even at low temperatures and sufficiently deformed during travel (flexing).

With the tyre dimensions 235 60 R18 winter tyres as quiet and safe journeys are guaranteed at low outdoor temperatures. Especially recommended: the Hankook Winter I CEPT EVO W310.

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