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235 60 R16 Car Winter tyres

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The tyre size 235 60 R16 as winter tyres: width tyres with excellent driving characteristics

Mainly for cars in the compact and mid-range 235 60 R16 Winter tyres are produced. The tyres are characterized by a high-traction driving, with very good braking and steering characteristics. Moreover, tyres of this size provide excellent ride comfort.

Strong performance in snow, rain and drought

235 60 R16 winter tyres have a very wide tread which ensures that a consistently high traction is given. This is due to the rolling resistance, which increases with increasing tread. The grip in turn ensures excellent handling, good braking and optimum traction. Here convince the winter tyres in both snow and ice as well as rain and drought. A high level of driving comfort is however ensured by the tyre height of the tyres. The reason: The higher a tyre is, the thicker the layer of rubber that dampens the vehicle in case of unevenness. Pricewise tyre model in the dimension 235 60 R16 between 60 170 Euros.

Cheap winter tyres Nexen, with excellent ride comfort and optimum wet grip

First-class handling and optimum price-performance ratio offer 235 60 R16 winter tyres Series Nexen Winguard Snow G . By its v-shaped tread pattern of spaced tread blocks short braking distances and precise handling are guaranteed. The midrib is also continuous, which significantly improves traction. In EU tyre label wet grip of tyres marked with the C class. The energy efficiency of 235 60 R16 winter tyres Nexen is indicated by the C class. The fuel-efficient radial tyres have the speed index H and are therefore approved for speeds of up to 210 km/h.

With the 235 60 R16 winter tyres safe and comfortable journeys are guaranteed at temperatures below freezing. Who also wants to relieve his wallet when buying, chooses the tyre series Winguard Snow G manufacturer Nexen.

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