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235 55 R17 Car Winter tyres

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235 55 R17 winter tyres: Excellent tyres for low temperatures

An excellent choice for compact and middle class are 235 55 R17 winter tyres. They are characterized by a strong performance from the field braking, handling and traction. Even under difficult road conditions ensure the tyres a high level of security.

Maximum driving safety on snow and ice

The dimensions 235 55 R17 winter tyres as presented initially extremely attractive. With the combination of 17-inch wheels and wider tread is made for a sporty look, which changes automatically on the car. While driving on snowy roads then also unlocks the full potential of the car tyres . Here the Pneus score with a very precise handling and short braking distances. When cornering is also provided for maximum driving stability. Even on wet and dry asphalt thrilled the tyre size with optimum traction. Away from the actual driving shine 235 55 R17 winter tyres by a smooth running and high mileage.

Low fuel consumption and excellent driving characteristics

With very balanced values ​​in the energy efficiency and wet grip offer cheap Nexen Winguard Sport as 235 55 R17 winter tyres is excellent value for money. Pricewise the tyres with less than 100 euros is far below the average. The handling characteristics and the fuel consumption, the tyres come but also to winter tyres ran the premium manufacturer. One reason for the good performance is the rubber compound at levels of silica. Silica is the salt of silicic acid, which the driving behavior of the tyre significantly improved especially in snow and wet. Furthermore, the tread pattern with deep longitudinal grooves and prominent tread blocks for optimal traction under all conditions makes.

235 55 R17 winter tyres offer excellent handling on snow and wet asphalt, with a high comfort. A variety of manufacturers offer their tyres series in this dimension to such as Continental, Nexen or Bridgestone.

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