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235 45 R18 Car Winter tyres

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235 45 R18 winter tyres: Running Strong tyres for compact and midsize cars

Balanced handling characteristics in snow, rain and sunshine make the 235 45 R18 winter tyres to optimum choice for compact and midsize cars. Especially with the traction and the braking convince the winter tyres by excellent results.

Very good cornering stability and short braking distances

The wide tread of 235 45 R18 winter tyres guarantees excellent road grip. Reasons for this are, a high rolling resistance and a soft rubber compound. The latter can be used as the vehicle weight is distributed over a wide tread and the rubber compound is characterized not so heavily loaded as with narrower tyres. Furthermore, bringing the low cross-section of Pneus advantages in cornering stability. With dimensions 235 45 R18 winter tyres have the optimum conditions for safe and comfortable driving on snow and ice and on wet and dry surfaces. Who also emphasizes a sporty look, is well advised with the tyre size.

Reliable winter tyres Michelin

Among the most popular tyre model size 235 45 R18 belonging Michelin PILOT Alpin PA4 winter tyres. The quality tyres were already in the magazine Sport Auto with "Highly recommendable" rating (Issue 11/2012). In EU-Tread winter tyres are marked in the wet adhesion to the class C (AG). requires a vehicle with tyres of class F during emergency braking (80 km/h) on a wet road up to 11 meters longer braking distance: Compared. When fuel the supply Michelin models with the E-class from a solid performance. Positive fall on the low external rolling noise, which turn out better than the average of 70 decibels. The 235 45 R18 winter tyres from Michelin have the Speed ​​Index V (240 km/h).

Even at high speeds offer 235 45 R18 winter tyres excellent driving characteristics. As tyres for drivers with sporty handling tyres of this size are highly recommended.

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