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Dimension 235 40 R18: A winter tyre with low profile

The time when wide tyres were used mainly in the summer is over. More and more consumers opt for a tyre in the dimension 235 40 R18 as winter tyres. Numerous reviews of independent journals show that wider formats have to offer a good grip and ride comfort in winter conditions.

Wet performance, an important criterion

To enjoy with a powerful Allrader or sporting Mittellklassewagen a driving experience of a special kind, a good interaction between needs car tyres and vehicle be given. The Makes 235 40 R18 as winter tyres are marked (up to 270 km/h) with a speed index V (up to 240 km/h) or W, whereby a higher speed is not a problem. The differences between the various models of tyres in dry conditions are irrelevant. The cheap tyres from Asia to keep up with the performance of renowned manufacturers here quite. Only in wet conditions of the enormous difference in quality of the tyre manufacturer can be seen.

Winter tyres with safety reserves

Who is considered the purchase of the format 235 40 R18 winter tyres as mainly the price may notice that this was the wrong decision. Price differences of 70 or 80 euros offer consumers a good savings. Visually, these tyres do not differ. But the report of the magazine Autobild shows that significant weaknesses in aquaplaning and braking characteristics can be seen. Longer braking distances mean a higher impact speed in accidents. Test winner with a good performance in all areas was the Pneu of Goodyear (Ultra Grip Performance 2). In addition, the winter tyres from Dunlop (SP Winter Sport 3D) and Pirelli turn (Sottozero) as recommended.

A person who is visually and technically a good winter tyres for a highly motorized Fahzreug needed that gets with the dimension 235 40 R18 winter tyres with the best performance values. Airline manufacturers are only conditionally recommended for dry and roadways. In the premium manufacturers individual strengths can be seen. So the Dunlop SP Winter Sport 3D offers excellent adhesion in snow.

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