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235 35 R19 winter tyres - Facts about tyre dimension

When it gets colder outside, winter tyres are mandatory. Not only are motorists with Winterpneus much safer on the road, the M + S tyres is also prescribed in Germany. Registered 235 35 R19 winter tyres are a good choice for many middle-class vehicles. Whether the dimension for your own car fits, shows a view of the vehicle registration document.

This distinguishes the winter tyre dimension

What now distinguishes 235 35 R19 winter tyres? This broader scope of the winter tyre has a width of 235 mm , a cross section of 35 percent and a diameter of 19 inches . It is therefore suitable for correspondingly large wheels, approximately Ronal alloy wheels . As moderately wider tyres of a larger diameter 235 35 R19 winter tyres are ideal for cars of the upper middle class. A sporty look connect these Pneus skillfully with safe driving characteristics. The wide profile is also on a smooth road surface on, and it offers a good grip and reliable traction.

Pneus for safety-conscious driver

Due to its wide blades 235 35 R19 winter tyres may be driven with higher speed when the winter weather permits. Many models have been approved in the speed class V, which corresponds to a permitted maximum speed of 240 km/h. The winter tyres for the middle class, there are many different price segments, the choice for safety-conscious drivers is correspondingly large. Among the good as well as cheap tyres are about Nokian winter tyres from Finland that can convince even in tests by a good driving safety.

Whether cheap winter tyres or models in the premium segment - sure should be all tyres sized 235 24 R19. Good grip thanks to a large contact surface and excellent handling convince in this dimension.

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