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225 60 R18 Car Winter tyres

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The tyre size 225 60 R18 as winter tyres: traction Strong models for compact and medium range

traveling safely and comfortably on snowy and icy roads - with 225 60 R18 winter tyres is guaranteed. The high-traction tyres are characterized by an optimal traction and a high standard of driving comfort.

Excellent handling characteristics and a high driving comfort

The dimensions 225 60 R18 as winter tyres provides a number of advantages. This also includes the sporty look, which very well to compact and midsize cars to bear comes as Audi A3, Mazda MX-5 or Citroen C5. When it comes to driving performance, the cut tyre but from at least as successful. Thanks wider tread have winter tyres on excellent traction. For the Gorsse rolling resistance is responsible, which increases with increasing tyre width. Both improve the braking performance and traction and handling themselves with increasing traction. Especially on dry and wet asphalt and in light snowfall to makes it more noticeable traction. Additionally offer 225 60 R18 winter tyres through their tyre height a high level of driving comfort.

Fuel saving quality tyres from Continental

Especially convincing cut the Continental Winter Contact TS 830 from within the range of 225 60 R18 winter tyres. The manufacturer of the well-known quality tyres have the speed index V, thus having a maximum speed of 240 Km / hr. Even at a fast pace, the tyres ensure optimum steering and braking behavior. In EU tyre label wet grip of winter tyres is indicated by the C class. Energy efficiency also has a class-C marking. The external rolling noise, the Continental Winter Contact TS 830 come to a sound of 72 decibels. Thanks to its deep longitudinal grooves in zigzag shape the guarantee winter tyres also a small risk of aquaplaning.

Visually appealing and particularly high traction to the present 225 60 R18 winter tyres. Owners of compact and midsize cars are best assist with this tyre size.

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