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225 60 R17 Car Winter tyres

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225 60 R17 winter tyres: Optimal handling characteristics in any weather

225 60 R17 winter tyres are designed for midsized car. They are characterized by a strong traction, much ride comfort and excellent driving in snow, wet and dry.

Smoothness and comfort for winter

A good winter tyre has to convince both in snow and ice, as well as wet and dry roads. Winter tyres of the dimension 225 60 R17 achieve a balance and ensure in all weather conditions for excellent handling. Their wide tread a high rolling resistance is generated, which has a positive effect on the braking performance in dry and wet conditions, while improving handling. Using the appropriate rubber compounds and tread patterns Remarkable also optimize manufacturer driveability on snow and ice. For smoothness in 225 60 R17 winter tyres, the combination of the tyre height and internal diameter ensures. Priced are the same tyre model offered this size between 70 EUR and 200 EUR.

High quality winter tyres Hankook

Especially recommended in the 225 60 R17 winter tyres segment is the series Hankook I CEPT EVO W310 . The quality tyres achieve the fuel economy and wet grip, good results. In EU tyre label the tyres are each marked with the class C (AG). The external rolling noise fall relatively low (72 decibels). Responsible for the balanced road in any weather condition, among other things, the tread pattern. In the usual tread blocks was on all car tyres omitted. For this is the profile of multi-depth longitudinal and transverse grooves and littered with wide outer disk. The grooves evacuate water and slush from effective and produce by the special arrangement in the snow sufficient grip.

225 60 R17 winter tyres are genuine all-rounders, which ensure safe driving pleasure in any weather. In addition, the tyres are designed depending on the model for speeds of up to 240 km/h.

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