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225 60 R16 Car Winter tyres

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225 60 R16 winter tyres: Excellent car tyres for compact and medium range

The size 225 60 R16 as winter tyres ensures excellent driving both on snow and ice as well as rain and sunshine. In addition, the wide tyres convince by their appealing comfort and a solid appearance. Especially good is the tyre size to compact and midsize cars to bear.

A good mix of comfort and driving performance

With their tyre width of 225 mm, the 225 60 R16 winter tyres are particularly suitable for light snowfall, rain and drought. Under these conditions, the tyres have the best grip, guaranteeing short braking distances and excellent handling. Moreover convince the winter tyres through their traction strength, which effectively brings the engine power of the vehicle on the tarmac. When it comes to ride comfort, the 225 60 R16 winter tyres deliver from a solid performance. Thanks to the tyre height of 135 millimeters (225 mm * 0.6) have the tyres on a wide rubber layer which attenuates when shaken. For more smoothness also makes the inside diameter of 16 inches.

Good winter tyres for the small purse

Especially recommended in the range of 225 60 R16 winter tyres, the tyre series is Westlake SW608 Snow Master . The tyres inspire the one hand by an excellent wet grip and low fuel consumption and on the other by their low purchase price. In EU tyre label wet grip and energy efficiency are each marked with the C class. Through their v-shaped tread pattern with deep transverse and longitudinal grooves 225 60 R16 winter tyres Westlake also ensure a low risk of aquaplaning. The car tyres have the speed index H and are thus suitable for speeds of up to 210 km/h.

An excellent driving performance as well as a solid fuel to make the tyre size 225 60 R16 winter tyres than to genuine all-rounders. Whether on snow, ice or wet asphalt, the tyres guarantee anytime a safe and comfortable ride.

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