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225 55 R18 Car Winter tyres

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225 55 R18 winter tyres: Excellence in snow, rain and ice

With the tyre dimensions 225 55 R18 as winter tyres to motorists opt for high-traction tyres with a high standard of safety and comfort. The distinctive tyres are particularly good on vehicles of compact and middle class to bear.

High driving comfort and good braking properties at low temperatures

225 55 R18 winter tyres make every car a sporty look. By striking 18-inch wheels and the wide tread on the tyres act powerfully and powerful. However, the handling benefit of the dimensions of the winter tyres. So the tyre width leads of 225 mm means that the winter tyre can have a high rolling resistance. This in turn leads to a greater traction and improved steering and braking characteristics. For driving comfort, however, the tyre height is responsible. With increasing height increases also the comfort of a tyre, since the damping rubber layer increases. 225 55 R18 winter tyres provide a pleasant driving comfort and can also also the issue of convincing cornering stability. The large inner diameter of the tyres also ensures smoother running on hard asphalt.

Distinctive tread pattern for optimum grip

Balanced properties in the area fuel consumption and driving performance to achieve the 225 55 R18 winter tyres Series Hankook I CEPT EVO W310 . Through its effective tread pattern with asymmetric design excellent driving performance is given in various weather conditions. Any transverse grooves form small tread blocks on the tread, which provide the necessary grip on snow and ice. Depth longitudinal grooves provide contrast in heavy rain water quickly, thus increasing the grip of car tyres . Also, the special silica rubber compound optimized additional drivability of 225 55 R18 winter tyres at low temperatures.

The level of comfort and excellent driving characteristics are given with the dimensions 225 55 R18 winter tyres than at any time. In addition, the tyres convince visually through their sporting dimensions.

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