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Winter tyres with 215 mm width: Fuel-saving tyres for compact and medium range

Winter tyres of 215-mm-division are an excellent choice for those who value an economical and safe driving. Renowned brands like Continental, Bridgestone or Michelin provide a variety of their car tyres in this latitude ago. Depending on the height and inner diameter vary driving comfort and appearance of the tyres.

A good performance on snow and ice

In the cold season the own demand for the safety of the tyres increases often. On smooth and snowy roads are to winter tyres provide with distinctive block profiles and individual rubber mixtures for stable driving experience. The dimension of a tyre is also crucial here and significantly influenced how much grip the car has. Winter tyres of size 215-class achieve good performance on both snowy and icy tarmac as well on dry and wet surfaces. The decisive factor is the width of the tread: The wider the tread, the more traction, a vehicle in rain and sunshine.

The level determines the ride comfort

Depending on the tyre height and the ride comfort of the tyres is determined. The tyre height is specified in the labeling of tyres with the middle number, for example, in the dimension 215/60 R16 60 represents the height of the tyres. Winter tyres 215/60 R16-dimensional example, more comfortable than tyres in size 215/40 R16. Recommended winter tyres with 215 mm wide treads are about the Nokian WR A3 . The tyre series scores in the dimension 215/40 R17 both by good wet adhesion and by low fuel consumption.

An excellent driving performance in sun, rain and snow are guaranteed in winter tyres with 215 mm width. Thanks to the optimum size of the tread, the tyres are also convincing on low fuel consumption. As Nokian WR A3 also agrees with the ride comfort on snowy, wet and dry roads.

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