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215 70 R16 is a winter tyre format with impressive performance

While some motorists a all season tyres prefer to trust others only the performance of a true winter tyres. A good decision because show as some test results has the dimension 215 70 R16 winter tyres as a suitable solution for compact SUVs. The winter specialists convince in their disciplines and ensure a safe driving experience.

A reliable Pneu in rural areas

Consumers who live with her SUV in a rural area or have to deal with long distances in winter are well advised with the dimension 215 70 R16 as winter tyres. Besides the well-known manufacturers, consumers have the option of their new SUV tyre for sale by cost producers. The price difference between the various models is up to 60 euros, which is to say that the performance of some cheap tyres is more than deficient. Due to the higher weight of these vehicles, the braking distance can be doubled with insufficient tyre models, eliminating an increased risk of road traffic.

The smooth steering behavior

The tyre models of the Dimension 215 70 R16 as winter tyres from Michelin or Continental provide good cornering grip, which is not always given at cheap tyres. Good profile structures ensure a lower risk of aquaplaning at higher speeds. The tyres of the premium manufacturers typically provide a smooth steering behavior, which does not require large driving skills in difficult situations. This is due to the many years of experience and the improved research and development of these companies. Newer models of tyres of this size usually show improved values ​​on snowy, wet and dry road surfaces as innovative and new technologies are involved in the production.

The format 215 70 R16 as winter tyres is the perfect companion for compact SUVs. Currently there are no reviews for this dimension. However, shows an older review of the magazine Auto Bild that cheap tyres from manufacturers such as Nankang or Cooper involve significant shortcomings. Who would benefit from a good performance, which should invest more money in road safety.

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