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215 60 R17 Car Winter tyres

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215 60 R17: The winter tyre for compact SUVs

The compact SUV is for many people is the appropriate vehicle. It offers enough space and comfort for every season. With the dimension 215 60 R17 winter tyres as the driving comfort of a VW Tiguan or a comparable vehicle is additionally supported to safely move to or away from paved roads.

The special construction

The dimension 215 60 R17 as winter tyres is a purpose-built structure which is mainly used in high-powered SUVs used. In profile there are numerous sipes which ensure sufficient grip on snow covered roads. In addition, consumers benefit from a very robust construction. An enormously resistant SUV tyres of consumer protection against external influences, thus guaranteeing greater security. The traction performance of different tyres is highly dependent on the manufacturer. So show some winter tyres excellent properties when wet or snow, convincing on dry roads while other models.

Strengths and weaknesses of Pneus

The strengths and weaknesses of different tyres can be tailored to your own needs. Manufacturers such as Goodyear , Pirelli or Michelin often offer very balanced performance. An important aspect is the snowflake symbol. Here the consumer to recognize independently whether it is a high quality winter tyres. Because even if there is the inscription M + S on the tyre, this does not mean that with this car tyres, a high driving comfort is guaranteed. Currently, there are no test results to the Make 215 60 R17 as winter tyres. Opinions of many consumers, however, show that the models Bridgestone Blizzak, Pirelli Winter 210 SOTTOZERO 2 or Continental Winter Contact 4X4 prove advisable.

Powerful SUVs need winter a tyre that can withstand the high demands. The dimension 215 60 R17 as winter tyres provides sufficient grip on ice, mud or snow. Even pull a trailer or caravan is a good winter tyres are no problem.

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