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215 60 R16 Car Winter tyres

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215 60 R16 winter tyres: Increased safety for compact and midsize cars

Winter tyres of size 215 60 R16 ensures sufficient extent both snow and rain or shine optimal handling. The tread of the tyres generated a high grip and is also on snowy surfaces sufficient grip.

Good grip on snow and ice

215 60 R16 winter tyres are a popular choice for compact and middle class such as Audi A3, Mazda MX-5 or BMW 335i. They offer a blend of the characteristics of normal and wide tyres. The traction strength of winter tyres as well as the excellent steering response on dry and wet asphalt can keep up with the wider summer tyres. Simultaneously, the tread of the dimensions here is such that the tyre sinks in snow and the profile thus find the necessary support. 215 60 R16 winter tyres are also convincing on a very good ride comfort and an attractive appearance. Pricewise the car tyre between 60 and 150 EUR.

Outstanding tyres for Winter

Excellent results in the area of traction, braking and fuel consumption achieve 215 60 R16 winter tyres Series Continental ContiWinterContact TS 830P . In independent tests of magazines "Auto Bild" and "Sport Auto" from the year 2012, the tyre line of Continental achieved top marks. The profile of the tyres has particularly stable tread blocks in the center rib, which guarantee maximum grip on snow and ice. In addition, the block profile ensures optimal weight distribution, which has a positive effect on the mileage. The 215 60 R16 Continental winter tyres have the speed index H, thus having a speed of up to 210 km/h suitable.

Safe driving on snowy roads - 215 60 R16 winter tyres offer the best conditions. Thanks wider tread and big tyres height is equally catered for excellent driving characteristics and excellent ride comfort.

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