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215 55 R18 Car Winter tyres

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215 55 R18 winter tyres: Sporty winter tyre for Kompaft- and middle class

The size 215 55 R18 winter tyres as one of the lesser-known dimensions for compact and midsize cars. The dimensions provide optimal conditions for a good braking and steering behavior and a comfortable ride in snow, ice and rain. Visually, the present winter tyres also very athletic.

An excellent alternative for the winter

Who-traction drive tyre preferably chooses usually for wide tyres. Buyers take this the most high fuel consumption and lower driving comfort in buying. But there is an alternative that attracts both an energy-efficient and comfortable driving characteristics, as well as having a high traction: 215 55 R18 winter tyres. The benefits arise all only by the tyre width, which creates an ideal amount of rolling resistance. If this is too large, the fuel consumption suffers. Too small rolling resistance, however, the tyre loses traction on. With the size 215 55 R18 winter tyres as the middle course is selected, whereby an optimum ratio of both attributes is achieved.

Excellent wet grip and pleasant driving comfort

Pirelli WINTER 210 SOTTOZERO cut in the group of 215 55 R18 winter tyres from having best. The tyres are a prime tyres for fast sports cars and powerful saloons. They are distinguished especially by very good wet adhesion and a high level of driving comfort. In EU tyre label wet adhesion of 215 55 R18 winter tyres from Pirelli is indicated by the C class. The external rolling noise are at 72 decibels in midfield and guarantee peaceful rides on snow-covered ground. When fuel the Pirelli WINTER 210 SOTTOZERO deliver from a solid performance.

Whether snow, rain or shine, winter tyres of the size 215 55 R18 convince in any weather. Thanks to the ideal Verhätlnisses of width to height guarantees the tyres for an economical and safe driving behavior with a lot of comfort.

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