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215 50 R17 Car Winter tyres

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215 50 R17 winter tyres - this is what distinguishes the tyres

For those who rely on his car, the car can not leave you in ice and snow. Good winter tyres are a must since. Popular for mid-range vehicles are 215 50 R17 winter tyres, tyres in slightly larger dimension. The radial tyre makes a good combination of comfort and safety.

Good winter tyres for faster vehicles

Winter tyres all dimensions to be safe on the road and provide a firm grip on ice and snow. 215 50 R17 winter tyres are a good choice for vehicles of upper middle class, who have additional horsepower under the hood. Thanks to a relatively large contact surface ensure Winterpneus in this dimension namely a stable road holding and a good handling in the curves. 215 50 R17 winter tyres are 215 mm wide, the aspect ratio is 50 percent, the tyre diameter 17 inches or 43.18 cm converted. In order for these winter tyres are also attached to 17-inch wheels, about the sporty Alutec alloy rims.

Particularly balanced winter tyre

215 50 R17 winter tyres have a particularly good balance between tyre width, height and diameter. This becomes a comfortable ride noticeable which is not lost even at higher speeds. Winter festivals Pneus this dimension may therefore, depending on the model, be driven quickly up to 240 km/h. Many manufacturers offer 215 50 R17 winter tyres on an XL tyre with reinforced tread; these tyres suit heavier vehicles, about to Vans. The offer in this dimension is large, so is the cheap winter tyres every price segment represented up to Premiumpneu.

Also 215 50 R17 winter tyres must of course have the M + S marking. With broad support surface and secure roadholding they then ensure a comfortable ride through the cold season.

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