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215 45 R16 Car Winter tyres

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215 45 R16 winter tyres: Excellent handling characteristics for compact cars

The tyre dimensions 215 45 R16 as winter tyres combines the benefits of wide tyres and normal tyres. Excellent handling characteristics, low fuel consumption and an attractive level of comfort make the tyres to optimum choice for compact cars such as the VW Golf or Seat Leon Cupra.

The tyre size decides with

The characteristics of a passenger car tyre are determined by three components: rubber compound, tread pattern and dimensions. The latter forms the basis, which is optimized by the profile and rubber compound. For this reason it is important to watch as motorists to only the size of a tyre. 215 45 R16 winter tyres offer by their measure well-balanced properties. The grip of the tyres is positively influenced by the wide tread and the small cross-section. At the same time, the rolling resistance is not so high that the fuel economy suffers. With the selected tyre height winter tyres also feature an excellent cornering stability and a comfortable ride.

Short braking distances and low consumption

With the best values ​​in the area of wet adhesion and energy efficiency, the tyre line intersects Pirelli WINTER 210 Sottozero from. As 215 45 R16 winter tyres are marked on the tyres in the EU tyre label with Class B in wet grip. An excellent result that guarantees short braking distances on wet and snowy asphalt. The fuel economy achieved with the C class an excellent result. Is responsible for the excellent performance including the innovative tread pattern of the Pirelli tyres . In heavy rain, the deep longitudinal grooves ensure that water and mud is derived efficiently. On snowy roads other hand guarantee the tread blocks for optimal grip. There is also the tyres of two different rubber compounds, which provide for more flexibility.

Being of size 215 45 R16 winter tyres as buyers opt for balanced handling and good ride comfort. As Pirelli WINTER 210 Sottozero tyres low fuel consumption is also ensured.

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