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Winter tyres with 205 mm tread: Excellent handling characteristics and low fuel consumption

The width of a tyre greatly influenced drivability and fuel consumption. Winter tyres with 205 mm width convince both on snowy roads than on dry asphalt.

Strong traction tyre for snow-covered roads

Anyone looking for a balanced tyres for cars is, vans, SUVs or off-road vehicles, takes place in winter tyres of 205 mm class an ideal solution. Your treads are narrow enough to build up sufficient grip on ice and snow. At the same 205 mm are also a good width for dry and wet surface. Here, always the rolling resistance critical that positive or negative impact on traction, handling and braking characteristics. The fuel economy is determined by the rolling resistance. If you also want a reasonable amount to be offered to the comforts of Pneu must have a sufficiently large amount. tyres with a height that represents more than half of the tyre width, are considered comfortable.

Safe driving on snow and ice

With its distinctive tread pattern and special rubber compound to ensure Continental CONTI WINTER CONTACT TS 850 in the winter for a good and balanced performance. The winter tyres of the 205-mm segment score in both the wet grip as well as energy efficiency and set here against many competitors Pneus through. In addition to the dimension 205/55 R16, it is primarily the block pattern, which ensures high traction. On snow and ice, the striking dig tread blocks of winter tyres literally underground. In addition stabilize the outer disk Pneu and ensure short braking distances.

Winter tyres with 205 mm width convince in energy efficiency and the driving characteristics alike. They are the ideal all-rounder for snowy, wet and dry roads. Visually series can 850 absolutely convincing in size such as the Continental CONTI WINTER CONTACT TS.

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