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205 70 R15 winter tyres as: A good choice for the compact car

The size 205 70 R15 winter tyres segment offers high-traction tyres for compact cars such as the Audi A3 and Opel Astra. The tyres are characterized by short braking distances and accurate steering characteristics on snowy and slushy roads. Convince Even when wet, the tyres by an excellent performance.

More comfort and safety for the winter

For all tyre sizes the best - 205 70 R15 winter tyres are genuine all-rounders on the asphalt. Thanks to its dimensions, the tyres provide balanced handling characteristics in snow, rain and drought. The tread has the optimal dimensions for a high rolling resistance on the asphalt. Thus, the grip of the rising winter tyres , whereby traction, braking and handling are improved. At the same time the total weight of the vehicle spread as the tread, that the winter tread to grip well in snow. Furthermore, makes the large tyre height of 205 70 R15 winter tyres for a comfortable ride. In addition, compact cars benefit from the attractive design of the tyres.

The fuel-saving tyres Winter Series Nokian WR D3

Excellent winter tyres for compact cars for example, the Nokian WR D3 . As 205 70 R15 winter tyres the tyres inspire with very good results in the areas of wet grip and energy efficiency. The V-shaped groove profile of the tyre displaces water and mud efficiently, thus ensuring excellent traction. Additionally, thereby reducing the risk of aquaplaning is decreased. Furthermore, the winter tyres have a high rigidity, which has a positive effect on the handling. When fuel consumption tyres in EU Tread with the C class are marked. The wet adhesion is also indicated by the C class. Admitted are car tyres for a top speed of 210 km/h.

Traction strong, comfortable and equipped with very good braking characteristics, the 205 70 R15 winter tyres are an excellent choice for compact-car driver. In addition, the series Nokian WR D3 is a particularly fuel-efficient tyre on the market.

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