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205 65 R15 winter tyres: the classical manufacturer

The format 205 65 R15 winter tyres as part of the classical tyres of a sedan, which is almost to be found on every corner of the road. Besides the well-known brands of Goodyear, Bridgestone and Continental are also numerous models from the low range (Roadstone, Dextero, Goodride, etc.) on the market.

Good grip at high speeds

The basic advantage of the dimension 205 65 R15, which is offered as a winter tyres, is that vehicles from the middle class even at higher speeds, a good hold is guaranteed in winter conditions. Mostly these tyre models correspond to a speed index H with speeds of up to 210 km/h possible. Consumers enjoy safe handling connected to a pleasant smoothness of the car tyre . The specific characteristics of winter tyres the car remains easily controllable in the most adverse weather conditions. But independent tests show that the benefits of the tyre model are highly dependent from the respective manufacturers.

Prominent tyre manufacturers at the top

Vehicles such as the Opel Astra or Ford Focus will not find with any dimension 205 65 R15 - whether snow tyres or Sommerpneu - the best solution. are the prominent tyre manufacturers at the forefront of Evaluation As with most test results. Winner of nearly identical size tyres (195/65 R 15) was the model Continental ContiWinterContact TS830. Were graded only slightly worse winter tyres Goodyear (Ultra Grip 8) and Semperit (Speed-Grip 2). Furthermore, the results show that even cheaper models (Barum Polaris 3) were classified in midfield with a satisfactory judgment. Only two tyres from the low range were not able to meet the necessary requirements of the tester.

show Various test reports that consumers can not go wrong when purchasing the finished product 205 65 R15 winter tyres. Usually consumers benefit from a good grip and a good lateral stability of the car. The braking performance of the car tyre promises a comfortable ride. Moreover, given the high quality car tyres a low risk of aquaplaning.

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