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205 50 R15 Car Winter tyres

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The dimension 205 50 R15 as winter tyres:

The dimensions 205 50 R15 as winter tyres provides a safe and extremely comfortable ride in snow, rain and drought. For vehicles in the small and compact cars, the tyre size is due to its energy efficiency also a very economical choice.

An optimal combination for winter

In winter, the tyres of a vehicle due to low outside temperatures, snowy roads and partially glassy asphalt is brought to the limit. Thus, the driving characteristics under these difficult external influences not like the combination of rubber compound, tread pattern and tyre size must be right. The dimension of the tyres forms the basis, which is optimized by profile and rubber compound. 205 50 R15 winter tyres are characterized by well-balanced properties. The size of the contact area assures both traction strength and a good traction and low fuel consumption. By the moderate level of comfort and cornering stability are equally affected positively.

Good handling characteristics at low temperatures thanks silica rubber compound

A good and recommendable winter tyres of the dimension 205 50 R15 is the Hankook I CEPT EVO W310 . Its innovative profile with asymmetrical design and a special silica rubber compound provides the tyre in snow, ice and rain equally good handling characteristics. Transverse and longitudinal grooves on the tread disperse water and slush under the tyre effectively from. Moreover width outer disks improve the stability and braking characteristics. With the addition of silica (salt of silicic acid), the rubber composition of the remains Hankook winter tyres elastic even at low temperatures, whereby the grip is further improved. As have 205 50 R15 winter tyres Hankook I CEPT EVO W310 the speed index H (up to 210 km/h).

205 50 R15 winter tyres are an excellent place tyres for motorists who appreciate balanced driving characteristics. Positive cuts including the car tyre from the Hankook series I CEPT EVO W310.

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