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205 45 R16 Car Winter tyres

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205 45 R16 winter tyres: traction Strong tyres for small and compact cars

The tyre size 205 45 R16 winter tyres as offers buyers the multiple benefits of both wide tyres and of narrower normal tyres. Optimum adhesion, low fuel consumption and excellent driving comfort make this dimension Pneus an excellent choice.

Excellent handling characteristics in snow, ice and rain

Visually come 205 45 R16 winter tyres best on small and compact cars to bear. Here the tyre width of 205 millimeters, the small cross-section and the 16-inch wheels in the ratio are particularly powerful. On the road that inspire car tyres then by their performance. Even with fast speeds, the handling is very precise. Short braking distances and a strong traction are also given at any time. For this, among others, the running surface of the tyre is responsible, which produces a sufficiently high rolling resistance. At the same time, the rolling resistance is selected so that the fuel consumption small precipitates. 205 45 R16 winter tyres are also convincing by a very good cornering stability.

Pleasant ride comfort and maximum safety - with the winter tyres from Goodyear

Excellent results in the driving achieve the Eagle ULTRAGRIP GW-3 Goodyear . The tyre cut in both snow and ice as well as rain and drought from excellent. Besides the dimensions are for the special rubber compound of Goodyear winter tyres as well as the efficient profile responsible. The latter has particularly wide outer disk, which provide improved braking performance and stability. In EU tyre label the tyres are given in the wet grip with the C class. In addition, the 205 45 R16 winter tyres Goodyear points through their very quiet external rolling noise (68 decibels). With the speed index H the tyres for speeds of up to 210 km/h designed.

An excellent performance in all weather conditions and the pleasant driving comfort make the dimensions 205 45 R16 winter tyres as an excellent tyres for cars.

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