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195 70 R15 Car Winter tyres

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195 70 R15 winter tyres: An excellent choice for compact and small cars

The dimension 195 70 R15 as winter tyres provides a good mix of comfort, economy and driving performance. Especially in small and compact cars which act tyres visually interesting and contributing to the harmonious appearance.

Optimum grip on snow and wet roads

In snowy and icy roads narrow Normal tyres are the wide tyre series advantage. One of the reasons for this is that the vehicle is a normal tyre weight is distributed over a smaller area. Thus, the tyre sinks deeper into the snow, so that the respective profile attacks faster. For the driving performance of wide tyres on wet and dry asphalt is better because of the rolling resistance is greater. 195 70 R15 winter tyres are with their width exactly between broad and standard tyres. For this reason, the tyres provide in all weather conditions for a great handling and short braking distances. Due to the large amount of tyres also an optimal level of driving comfort is given. 195 70 R15 winter tyres are designed for average speeds 180-190 km/h.

Strong traction winter tyres with silica compound

An excellent winter tyres of the mid price range is the Hawks Euro Winter HS 435 . The tread of 195 70 R15 winter tyre from Falken features a continuous center rib, several deep longitudinal grooves and wide outer disk. By midrib of Pneu is particularly high traction and improve the outer disk driving stability and braking performance of the vehicle. Shares of silica (salt of silicic acid) in the tread compound also ensure that the tyres are properly aufweißt elasticity even at temperatures below zero. Open to the Falken tyres for a top speed of 190 km/h.

Short braking distances, precise handling and greater driving comfort make the 195 70 R15 winter tyres an excellent choice for compact cars. The automobile tyres series Hawks Euro Winter HS 435 also convince because of their excellent price-performance ratio.

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