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195 65 R16 Car Winter tyres

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195 65 R16 winter tyres: Reliable tyres for compact and Mitttelklassewagen

The dimensions 195 65 R16 as winter tyres provides excellent handling in difficult conditions. Whether snowfall, rain or dry asphalt, the tyres ensure at all times a high level of security and also score with a comfortable ride.

Comfortable tyre for low temperatures

Due to the tyre width have 195 65 R16 winter tyres a high rolling resistance, which ensures excellent traction. Thereby, the braking performance, handling and traction are improved. At the same time, the rolling resistance turns out not too large, so that the fuel consumption of the winter tyres is low. For a smooth ride at low temperatures, the tyre height is responsible. The following applies: The higher a tyre, the more driving comfort it offers. However, this also reduces the cornering stability. 195 65 R16 winter tyres convincing in both areas, with a focus on a smooth ride.

Optimum handling in snow and rain

The series Bridgestone Blizzak LM-25 as 195 65 R16 winter tyres is characterized by excellent performance on snow and wet roads. The wet grip of the tyres is marked in the EU tyre label with the C class. In relation to a vehicle with Class F winter tyres need the Bridgestone tyres up to 11 meters less braking distance during emergency braking (80 km/h) on a wet road. What a difference, which means a significant improvement in driving safety. In addition, the block profile of 195 65 R16 winter tyres optimized Bridgestone steering and braking properties on snow. The distinctive tread blocks dig formally in the snow and create a maximum grip. With the speed index H are models of Bridgestone for a maximum speed of 210 km/h suitable.

195 65 R16 winter tyres provide represents an outstanding choice for all motorists who value a safe and comfortable ride. Owners of compact and midsize cars should look at the tyre dimension a closer.

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