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195 65 R14 winter tyres: True all-rounder in the snow, rain and sunshine

Fuel-efficient, comfortable and high traction presents the dimension 195 65 R14 as winter tyres. Especially vehicles in the small and compact classes benefit from the very good handling characteristics of the tyre size.

Maximum grip thanks to high rolling resistance

The 195 65 R14 winter tyres are characterized by good braking and steering characteristics on wet and dry asphalt. Their tyre width of 196 millimeters, they produce a sufficient rolling resistance for an effective grip. At the same time, the rolling resistance is selected so that the car tyres in the field can score energy efficiency. Both convince the fuel consumption, the winter tyres as well as the running intensity. With a height of 127.75 mm (195 mm * 0.65), they also offer an excellent ride comfort. The dimensions 195 65 R14 as winter tyres is designed for speeds of 190 km/h. Pricewise the tyres between 40 and 90 euros.

Optimum travel characteristics in winter - with Hankook WINTER I CEPT RS W442

A winter tyre with particularly balanced properties is the Hankook WINTER I CEPT RS W442 . The Pneu is in the EU tyre label in both the wet grip as well as in energy efficiency with the C class. Excellent handling characteristics on snow and ice line the 195 65 R14 winter tyres exactly like low rolling noise while driving. For the necessary grip in all weather conditions ensures among others the efficient tread of tyres. The tread blocks of the winter tyres are firstly arranged in a zigzag manner, whereby they can easily grab on icy or snowy road. In addition, the blocks form wide longitudinal grooves, which derive water and slush efficiently under the tyre.

First-class support and a lot of driving comfort with snow, rain and drought has the size 195 65 R14 as winter tyres. Added to this is a low fuel consumption and optimum cornering stability.

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