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195 60 R16 Car Winter tyres

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195 60 R16 winter tyres - a reliable tyre choice for medium-sized car

Winter tyres of size 195 60 R16 usually found in mid-range vehicles use. Especially in higher regions of the highlands is an installation of winter tyres advisable as only winter tyres ensure through their rubber compound and their specific profile safe driving on snowy and icy roads. The offer of 195 60 R16 winter tyres is large, motorists can choose from premium manufacturers between cheap products of lesser-known producers and tyres.

At 195 60 R16 winter tyres the premium manufacturers have better products

The majority of professionals uses their vehicle primarily for trips to work and is therefore dependent on a rapid progress. Therefore, there is for them in snowy areas no alternative to good winter tyres. In recent tests, the premium products performed in all disciplines better than their competition from the Far East. Whether in the traction, the braking on a slippery road surface or vehicle capability in wet conditions, which have 195 60 R16 winter tyres of the premium manufacturers stay ahead. Michelin convinced, for example by high performance, Goodyear by short braking distances on snow and ice.

All season tyres as an alternative for price-conscious motorists

As an alternative to tyres 195 60 R16 winter tyres also 195 60 R16 all-season tyres can be mounted. Especially when the vehicle is driven mainly in urban areas and the plains. However, it must be considered in the choice of tyres that Allwetterreifen indeed have good all-round properties, but can be overwhelmed in extremely wintry conditions. This is due to the compared to winter tyres harder rubber compound and the year-round profile without fins.

195 60 R16 winter tyres are distinguished for vehicles of the middle class by convincing driving on snow and ice. all season tyres possibility to compete is limited. However, they are for drivers who do not have to drive in all weather conditions, suitable as an alternative.

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