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195 60 R14 Car Winter tyres

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195 60 R14 winter tyres: Reliable tyres for compact and small cars

The size 195 60 R14 as winter tyres provides excellent handling characteristics by their dimensions both in snow and ice and on wet roads. Moreover convince the winter tyres with a high ride comfort and low road noise.

Ideal handling characteristics in snow, rain and drought

The tyre width of tyres significantly influenced by the driving behavior. In summer, therefore, wide tyres are preferred: The large running surface of the tyres generate a high rolling resistance, which in turn improves traction. However, it behaves in the winter a little different. Since the total weight of the vehicle spread over more area, the pressure on the snowy ground with wide tyre fails too low. The respective profile being tightened correctly and the winter tyre loses his grip. The 195 60 R14 winter tyres, the width is so selected that on dry and wet roads Optimum grip is present and sufficiently Pneu gets grip on ice and snow. In addition, the dimensions 195 60 R14 convinced as winter tyres by a comfortable ride.

The winner for the winter of Continental

195 60 R14 winter tyres are offered by a large number of manufacturers. Among other things, the premium manufacturer Continental is represented with its award-winning series tyres ContiWinterContact TS 850 . The winter tyres have been chosen among others by the readers of Auto Bild magazine as the "Best tyre Brand 2013 '(issue 10/2013). Especially on snowy roads, makes the special block profile of tyres for excellent handling characteristics. Width outer disk additionally improve the driving stability and braking characteristics of Conti tyres . Open to the 195 60 R14 Continental winter tyres for a top speed of 190 km/h.

Who puts on a consistently good performance in snow, rain and drought value comes to the dimensions 195 60 R14 not over as winter tyres. Pricewise tyres this size between 50 and 130 euros.

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