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195 55 R15 Car Winter tyres

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195 55 R15 as winter tyres: fuel-efficient tyres for comfort Fahrzeue of small and compact cars

The dimension 195 55 R15 winter tyres segment is characterized by its balanced handling characteristics. In addition, the tyre size which offers a high level of comfort and low fuel consumption. Optical achieve 195 55 R15 winter tyres on small and compact cars, the best effect.

The mixture makes the difference

The properties of a tyre are determined by three things: dimensions, rubber compound and tread. For the ideal Pneu all three aspects must optimally harmonize with each other. Winter tyres of size 195 55 R15 form a solid basis for tyres with balanced road. The size of the tread profile of winter tyres on snow and ice can grab quickly. On the other hand, wet and dry roads rolling resistance is sufficiently given for a high grip. The tyre height of 195 55 R15 winter tyres on the other hand creates a good balance between cornering stability and ride comfort. The following applies: The larger the tyre height, the more comfort and the less lateral stability.

Powerful winter tyres at a reasonable price

The tyre series Semperit SPEED GRIP 2 belongs as 195 55 R15 winter tyres to the absolute value for winners. A good example of a successful combination of optimum tyre size, well-designed profile structure and innovative rubber compound. This reach the winter tyres on snowy, wet and dry roads alike a top performance. This is confirmed by the magazine "Auto, Motor und Sport", "Auto Bild" and "ACE Lenkrad" and give the car tyres of Semperit the verdict "highly recommended". Also well cut the 195 55 R15 winter tyres from the issue of road noise. The values ​​are according to the EU tyre label at low 70 decibels. The tyres have the speed index H for up to 210 km/h.

Strong performance in snow, ice and rain guarantee 195 55 R15 winter tyres and also offer it plenty of driving comfort. Who is still looking for fuel-efficient all-rounders for its small or compact car, should definitely grab.

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