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195 50 R16 Car Winter tyres

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Dimension 195 50 R16 winter tyres with plenty of comfort

Smooth roads and snowy roads make winter a real challenge for car tyres . 195 50 R16 winter tyres meet these and feature very good driving and a comfortable ride.

Skinny tyres are clear in the winter at an advantage

During the warm season wide tyres generally have the edge, the picture changes as soon as the temperatures drop below zero. Now dominate tyres with less tyre width and longer tyre height as the 195 50 R16 winter tyres. The reason for this is that thinner tyres have a higher surface pressure than wide tyres and the profile thus easier digging in snow and ice. The larger tyre height also the ride comfort is improved because of the tyre from more abdämpfenden rubber. The size 195 50 R16 as winter tyres is an excellent choice for the winter and also inspire with a chic look. This works best in compact or midsize car with 16er wheels.

Safe driving on snow and ice

The winter tyre series Nankang SNOW VIVA SV 2 XL in the dimension 195 50 R16 provides good handling characteristics and ride comfort, and also has an attractive price. In addition to the tyre size and tread rubber compound influence the braking, steering and traction characteristics of tyres. The profile of Nankang Winter tyres consists of tread blocks, longitudinal grooves and sipes. By tread blocks, the tyre series gets on snow and ice the necessary support. Mud and rain on the road, however, be transported away by the longitudinal grooves and the outer disks improve the braking performance and the driving stability. In EU tyre label, the good handling characteristics (Classes AG) are precipitated in a Class C rating for wet grip.

The dimension 195 50 R16 as winter tyres makes in cold weather for a safe and comfortable ride by car. It offers enough grip in snow and ice to ensure short braking distances and good handling.

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