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195 50 R15 Car Winter tyres

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195 50 R15 winter tyres: Optimum performance in snow and rain

195 50 R15 winter tyres provide good handling characteristics in snow, rain and drought. The ride comfort is reasonably high and optically the tyres can convince through their wide tread. 195 50 R15 winter tyres are best used for compact cars such as the Audi A3 or the Mercedes C-Class.

Maximum grip on snow and drought

Tyres must be in the winter of other claims and summer. For this reason, shift the individual advantages of individual tyre sizes. While wide tyres are known for their superb traction on dry pavement in the summer, in snow, ice and heavy rain narrower normal tyres provide better handling. 195 50 R15 winter tyres are with their dimension between wide tyres and normal tyres. This leads to balanced road regardless of the weather. The tread of 195 50 R15 winter tyres guarantees both sufficient grip on snow as well as an adequate grip in light rain and drought. For a responsive ride and good cornering stability also the section height of 97.5 mm ensures (195 mm * 0.5).

Excellent winter tyres for compact cars

With the test result "good" in the ADAC winter tyre test in October 2012, include Continental ContiWinterContact TS 800 to the best winter tyres of size 195 50 R15. The manufacturer of the well-known quality tyres are distinguished by an excellent wet grip. For this, among other things, the special V-shaped profile of the tyres is responsible, which provides through honeycomb sipes and grip edges for optimum grip in snow and rain. In addition, the 195 50 R15 winter tyres can convince with low rolling noise.

Anyone looking for high-performance winter tyres for its compact car, the tyre size 195 50 R15 should take a closer look once. Pneus these dimensions provide excellent handling and a comfortable ride in snow and on wet and dry roads.

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