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195 45 R16 Car Winter tyres

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The size 195 45 R16 winter tyres as: A good choice for compact and small cars

The dimensions 195 45 R16 as winter tyres is a good choice for small and compact cars such as the Audi A1, Opel Astra or Citroen C5. A good grip on snow and ice as well as in rain distinguishes the tyres of this size. In addition, the fuel consumption of the winter tyre falls out surprisingly small.

Consistent performance in all weather conditions

The winter tyres of size 195 45 R16 safe rides are guaranteed with snow and rain. An important factor for the good handling characteristics, the width of the tread. This ensures through an optimal distribution of vehicle weight for excellent grip on snowy roads. On wet and dry asphalt on the other hand is one of the rolling resistance of tyres. It decides on the braking, traction and handling. The following applies: The higher the tread, the greater the rolling resistance. The tyre height of 195 45 R16 winter tyres is selected so that the tyres provide a comfortable ride.

Maximum traction and low rolling noise

A good wet grip and excellent driving comfort at the 195 45 R16 winter tyres Series Michelin Alpin A4 from. This inter alia, from the V-shaped tread pattern with specially arranged lamellar layers and optimized rubber compound. In EU tyre label wet grip of the tyres is marked with the C class. In independent tests by ADAC, ÖAMTC and the magazine "Auto, Motor und Sport" got the Michelin tyres were good to very good reviews. In addition, the low rolling noise falls very positive on while driving. The 195 45 R16 winter tyres from Michelin to Speed ​​Index H (210 km/h).

Who value on consistently good performance of his car tyre sets, is well advised with 195 45 R16 winter tyres. The tyres provide even under difficult weather conditions for maximum control and comfort.

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