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Narrow winter tyres: 185 mm ensure low fuel costs

When choosing a new tyres should always be taken into account several aspects: The dimensions are thereby quickly and efficiently information on the various properties of tyres. Especially in winter offer smaller sizes as winter tyres of the 185-class ideal conditions for a safe ride.

Excellent grip on snow and ice

Winter tyres with 185 mm width points by a low fuel consumption and excellent handling in heavy rain, snow and ice. The reason for this lies in the narrow-tread. Due to its size, this produces a high surface pressure, which is why the profile of the car tyres to sink deeper and better can grab. In contrast, there are tyres with wider tread mostly on the snow or ice, losing some support. Depending on the series and type of profile the tyres grip better. Another advantage of winter tyres that have only 185 mm wide contact surfaces, is the low fuel consumption. Since the rolling resistance is relatively small fails, there is less friction and the vehicle requires in itself track and speed less fuel.

Well equipped for the winter

Safe and economical it is with the tyre series Nokian WR D3 . In the dimension 185/60 R15 tubeless radial tyres achieve good overall results, which is represented in the EU tyre label by the division into classes AG. In the energy efficiency and wet grip winter tyres are marked with 185 mm dimension to the C class. Compared to winter tyres of class F which means on a wet road up to 11 meters longer braking distance among others during emergency braking (80 km/h).

With winter tyres of the 185-mm-segment low fuel costs and high security requirements are at all times. A good choice in this size are the Nokian WR D3 winter tyre for passenger cars.

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