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185 70 R14 winter tyres: convincing performance in snow and ice

For safe driving on ice and snow 185 70 R14 winter tyres an excellent choice. also impressive tyres of this size by a low fuel consumption. Especially useful are the winter tyre for small and compact cars such as the VW Golf, Mercedes C-Class or Audi A3.

Outstanding grip and comfort

In summer, wide and narrow in the winter - when it comes to tyre width and safety pays this rule. tyres with a smaller tread are while driving on snow much deeper in the cold white as wide tyres. As a result, the profile better grip and the tyres have more grip. Deciding in the cold season for 185 70 R14 winter tyres, so is a good idea. Here the size of the tread is ideal, since it even when wet and on dry asphalt also has a pleasing grip. Furthermore, the tyre height of 185 70 R14 winter tyres for an extra portion of driving comfort. The reason is that the tyres have a relatively large proportion of rubber, and this dampens when shaken.

Good driving characteristics, even on wet roads

A recommended winter tyres in the dimension 185 70 R14 is the Michelin Alpin A3 . Not only in snow and ice quality tyres knows how to impress. On dry and wet asphalt of winter tyres from Michelin also offers excellent driving characteristics and low fuel consumption. The view of the EU tyre label indicates that the wet adhesion is marked with the C (AG) class. For winter tyres, this is an excellent result, as they, on average, here glaring weaknesses. Positive fall on the low tyre noise, which have a specified value of 71 decibels.

185 70 R14 winter tyres are a good choice for safe driving on snowy roads and motorways. In addition, the tyres have a high degree of comfort and convince wet grip in the form of the Michelin Alpin A3 also at issue.

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