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185 60 R14 Car Winter tyres

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185 60 R14 winter tyres for smaller cars

In summer, the tyres have to do only with dirty and wet roads. In winter, however, snow and ice call for maximum performance of the tyres. For this reason it is important that the weather matched tyres is mounted on the rim. The 185 60 R14- winter tyres, for example, are designed for the harsh conditions in the cold season.

What is important for winter tyres

Important for winter tyres is a good traction. therefore also 185 60 R14 winter tyres have a special profile, which has wide grooves and numerous sipes. Because of course belongs to the present time and a maximum of safety, efficiency and economy.

The key figures in detail.

With a width of 185 millimeters provide the 185 60 R14 tyres, a standard measure of the standard tyres. By the small rim diameter is the tyres of the dimension 185 60 R14 predestined as winter tyres for small cars. This can be recognized on the indicators that are embossed into the tyre wall. The three-digit number indicates the tyre width again. In this case, the width is 185 millimeters. The first two-digit number is the ratio of height to width of the tyre section (60%). The last number (14) of the rim diameter of the rim edge to rim edge. This figure is given in inches.

The 185 60 R14 winter tyres are a common size in the small car segment. Their particular shape makes (as in the case of all winter tyres) for safe driving in winter conditions.

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